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    Thai Boxing, also know as Muay Thai, has been a part of Thai history and heritage for hundreds of years. It is a fighting art which reflects tradition and style.   Afternoon tea at Rachamankha is the perfect choice for hot summer afternoons. Set in the elegant air-conditioned dining room or if you prefer al fresco in the shady courtyard of the beautiful boutique hotel.
    Amoureux des grands espaces et de nature, Michel-Angéla a découvert le nord de la Thaïlande il y a une dizaine d’années. Il nous fait  voyager avec lui dans les montagnes qui bordent Chiang Mai, à la découverte des ethnies Hmong, Lahu et Karen.
  Products by Ecoism is made with recycle products, they help reduce the need for new materials and the amount of waste. They are great ideas made by a team of passionate young people who wish for a better world.
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    Muay Thai: where to go for a great fight and school?: Muay Thai: protection and tradition:    
Seeing a Muay Thai fight is usually on the to-do list of everyone who visits Thailand, and Chiang Mai has a few venues to go to.
There are a lot of traditions and ceremony before each fight. Read it in our May issue of Chang Puak Magazine.
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    The Core hotel :      
    The Core Hotel, an elegant and modern hotel offering free wi-fi, outdoor saltwater pool as well as a rooftop terrace with unforgettable views.      
    BAN KANG WAT:   HONG KONG:      
    Tucked away in the university neighborhood, opposite Wat Ram Poeng, lies the serene community of Baan Kang Wat, the artists village.   Hong Kong is one of the most dynamic cities in the world! And there are direct flights to this city from Chiang Mai.      
    Could you be a flight volunteer and take a dog to his new home?   Arayana Spa is offering special rates this May.      
Visakha Bhucha:
Visakha Bhucha is one of the three most significant Buddhist
ceremonies in Thailand. This festival marks the day on which
Buddha was born, reach his enlightenment and passed away
entering the Nirvana.
Visakha Bucha is a national holiday and during this day Thai
Buddhists will visit their local temple to make merit. Because
it’s such an important Buddhists day in Thailand there are
restrictions on alcohol sales and clubs are close.
Walking to Doi Suthep:
Buddhists faithful and visitors turn out in droves for the
annual 11 km walk up to Doi Suthep Temple on the evening
before Visakha Bucha Day.
Visakha Bucha Day is one of the three holy days in the
Buddhist calendar. The walking starts in the evening with
a ceremony at the Kruba Srivichai Monument and then takes
part of the night. Next morning there are morning alms giving
and Buddhist ceremonies at the temple, starting from 6.30 am.

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