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Family Voyage - Chiang Mai with Kids

Family Voyage

The great thing about travelling to Chiang Mai as a family is that the local culture here is so kid-friendly. Children are welcomed everywhere and always with a warm smile. With beautiful jungle and mountains surrounding the city along with exotic animals and a lot of new experiences, Chiang Mai can be a dream destination to visit with your children. Whether you prefer city life, rural landscape or something in between, we have it all! The city is safe and has a surprising number of activities to do, both for parents and for teens or toddlers. While here in Chiang Mai, let us help you make sure you and your children go home with some great memories and stories to tell everyone back home. Here are some tips on great places you can visit that you will enjoy, and will help keep all ages entertained as well.

·Make (poo poo) Paper at Elephant POOPOOPAPER Park: The park with the funny name, that no one should miss! Elephant POOPOOPAPER Park is an eco-friendly, naturally built, outdoor museum park that introduces and explains the unique steps involved in making paper products from elephant poop fibres. This a fun and educational experience for the whole family. Take a selfguided tour in the lovely outdoor space that encompasses a well-maintained park, fish pond, cafe, shop, fibre cleaning and pulp processing stations. Plus there is a crafts pavilion where kids can make their own poo poo paper creations such as cards, note pads, etc. Local artisans are on hand and the staff is very professional - they know how to play with and take care of children. | Great for age 4 and up.
@ 87 Moo10 Mae Ram, Mae Rim. Chiang Mai.
Open daily 9 am. - 6 pm. |
Ticket: 100 THB. Children under 5 Free! :)

·Learn about Permaculture at The Little Urban Farm: The Little Urban Farm aims to inspire kids to connect with nature. This organization teaches values based on compassion, generosity and kindness through the contact with nature. They offer courses and trainings based on mindful natural practices, sustainability and green design. In a safe and fun environment, they offer handson courses for children aged 6 to 16.

This July, watch out for: Leadership and Language Nature Camp (15-18 July), Games & Creativity Nature Camp (19-22 July), Visual Arts Nature Camp (22-24 July), Treehouse Nature Camp (25-28 July), and Surviving in the Wild Nature Camp (29 July - 1 August).
@ Some activities are at the Hang Dong Farm, some others are at Mae Taeng. Chiang Mai.
Tel. 063-852 43 10 |Facebook Page: The Little Urban Farm

·Ginger Farm:
Ginger Farm is a working farm running educational and inspiring programs - mainly targeting kids teaching them about life on a Thai farm plus other related activities. Your child can become a mini farmer for a day enjoying sunshine, fresh air and mud.
@ Bann Hang Kware. soi 9, A. Saraphi. Chiang Mai.
Tel. 052-004 473 | Facebook: Ginger Farm Chiang Mai.

Adventure Activities
·Adventure in the Trees with Flying Squirrels: For a fun moment flying from trees to trees, Flying
zip line is great! It is totally different from all others zip lines in Chiang Mai and has all kinds of entertainment and obstacles to overcome filling the experience with extra fun. Try bicycling on a cable suspension and skateboarding from one platform to the other. Flying Squirrels is located on the same road as PooPooPaper Park and Siam Insect Zoo, just a few kilometres’up.
@ 96 Moo5 T. Pong Yaeng. A. Mae Rim. Chiang Mai.
Tel: 053-278 989 and 083-084 1430 | Sales office in center town (thapae road).

·Unleash Your Creativity at Elephant Parade: The Elephant Parade is an art phenomenon that started
in Chiang Mai and now exhibits all over the world. Many places have their beautiful elephant sculptures for sale, but Elephant Parade Land is the centre of it all with a museum, a behind the scenes tour and the opportunity for kids and parents to design their own elephant in the workshop.

Another great thing about Elephant Parade Land is the outdoor museum which presents over 50 of life-size elephants, all very different, unique and colourful with detailed inspiration and artist names.

If you are short in time, Elephant Parade has eight shops in town (Nimman, Wat Ket, Maya, Le Meridien, Holiday Inn, Shangri-La, Thapae and One Nimman) where you can shop and have fun joining an elephant painting workshop as well (10cm: 600THB and 15cm: 1.000THB).
@ 180/9 Moo7. T. San Pee Sua. A. Muang. Chiang Mai. Open Mon-Sat 8.30 am. - 5.30 pm. | Tel. +66 92 918 962 Free Entrance :)

·Time for a Free Outdoor Playtime: Chiang Mai city has plenty of parks where you can relax
on the lawns with a snack. One of our favourite park is Nong Buak Hard Park, on the southwest corner of themcity. With plenty of shade, plus many vendors selling refreshment and ice creams, it offers a nice space to relaxmand have a family picnic. Kids can enjoy the colourful playground with slides and bits to climb, as well as feeding the fish in the pond. Parents will love the coffee shop with wifi internet as well as morning Tai Chi - free course (7am).
@ Arak Road. T. Phra Sing. Chiang Mai. Daily 6 am. - 9 pm. | Free entrance! :)

·Strike a Pose at Art In Paradise-3D Museum: Make sure you have your camera ready for this visit. The gallery is made up of over 130 paintings split into 6 theme areas. Let your children’s imaginations run wild as you explore Art in Paradise and get some unbelievable photos in the process.
@ 199/9 Changklan road. Chiang Mai. Daily 9 am. - 8.30 pm. |
Ticket: 400 THB, Kids 200 THB. Kids under 100 cm Free!

·Indigo Tie Dye Course: Experience the incredible crafts of Chiang Mai through a tie dye workshop at Cotton Farm. This two-hours workshop takes place in the garden of a century old colonial tea house where you will learn about and design your own piece of indigo. Teacher Kung will also tell you all about the history of tie dye techniques and the process of making natural indigo. Cotton Farm also presents weaving workshops from 2 hours to multiple days.
@ Raming Tea House. 158 Thapae Road. Chiang Mai. Tel. 081-884 6484 | Facebook: Cotton Farm : Chiangmai Craft

Animals & Wildlife
·Explore a Bug’s Life at Siam Insect Zoo:
Located in Mae Rim, in the same area as Elephant PooPooPaper Park, is the Siam Insect Zoo. Some of the inhabitants of the Siam Insect Zoo might make your skin crawl, but it offers a fascinating (and very close) look at a variety of insects, beetles and scorpions. Kids can also explore the butterfly garden and watch out for cocoons coming to life. If your children are feeling a bit adventurous, they can see some spiders, insects and colourful lizards. And they can get that perfect picture of a giant beetle crawling up their arm.
@ 23/4 Mae Rim-Samoeng road. Chiang Mai.
Open daily 9 am. - 5 pm. | 
Ticket: 200 THB. Children 3-11 years old: 150 THB.

·Meet with Cute Animals at the Dutch Farm: Kids will love this working farm with Dutch details that has a petting zoo and lots of kid-friendly activities. Ponies, sheep, ducks, chickens, gooses, and buffalos are some of the cute animals they can interact with. Children can also ride ponies and bicycle around the farm.
Dutch Farm is a beautiful place to go for both children and parents. It is surrounded by rice fields and has colourful flowers gardens all around. At the farm, there is also a delicious restaurant, a coffee bar, a bakery, and a resort - if you would like to spend more family time in this great atmosphere.
@ Sankampaeng-Mae On Road. No 56 Moo5. Chiang Mai.
Open daily
Ticket: Children 80THB. Under 110 cm free! :)

Nannie Services
·Enjoy a relaxing evening while kids are watch after: Because, even on a family holiday, parents sometimes need a few hours for themselves, Kid’s Home provides professional babysitting services by well trained and experienced nannies. Sweet and carring babysitter come to your hotel or your residence and take the best care of your children.
@ Kid’s Home Chiang Mai. Tel. 053-444 082

Family Voyage
Family Voyage
Family Voyage
Family Voyage
Family Voyage
Family Voyage
Family Voyage
Family Voyage
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