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MANGO STICKY RICE - Top 7 Places in Chiang Mai


   Discover the enchanting city of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, a place renowned for its cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and delectable cuisine. As you explore this vibrant city, one dessert that you simply cannot miss is the mango sticky rice. This tantalizing combination of sweet mangoes, sticky rice, and creamy coconut sauce has captivated the hearts and taste buds of locals and international food lovers alike.

   Known as “Khao Niew Mamuang” in Thai, mango sticky rice has its roots deeply entwined in Southeast Asian culinary culture, specifically in Thailand. Rice has always been a staple ingredient in Thai cuisine, thanks to the abundance of paddy fields across the country. The addition of ripe and fragrant mangoes brought a refreshing twist to the traditional dish, transforming it into a celebrated dessert enjoyed during summer months and festive occasions.

   The secret to the harmonious blend of flavors in mango sticky rice lies in its simple yet precise preparation. The dish requires perfectly ripe mangoes and a specially prepared variety of sticky or glutinous rice. The rice is soaked overnight and steamed to achieve the ideal texture - slightly firm and chewy. During the steaming process, it is infused with rich coconut milk, adding a creamy and subtly sweet element to the dessert. Once the rice is ready, it is served alongside sliced mangoes, creating a beautiful contrast between the bright yellow mangoes and the glistening white rice. To perfect the dessert’s texture, a sprinkling of toasted mung beans or sesame seeds is added, providing a delightful crunch.

   In Thailand, mango sticky rice holds not only a delicious taste but also significant cultural value. It is prominently served during the Thai New Year festival, known as Songkran, symbolizing fertility, prosperity, and rejuvenation. The dessert represents the bountiful harvest and the joyous celebration of the harvest season. Moreover, the vibrant colors of the dish reflect the lively Thai culture and its warm hospitality.

   No visit to Chiang Mai is complete without indulging in the sweet harmony of Mango with Sticky Rice. These seven top-rated places in the city provide exceptional variations of this beloved Thai dessert, showcasing the distinctive charm and culinary ingenuity of Chiang Mai.

Mana Sticky Rice - In old Town

   Experience the sweet delight of Mango Sticky Rice at Mana Sticky Rice, a historic gem nestled in the heart of Chiang Mai’s old town. With over 50 years of culinary mastery, this iconic shop is a must-visit for any dessert enthusiast. Located just a few steps away from the Three Kings Monument, Mana Sticky Rice offers a cozy seating area where you can savor your treat or conveniently take it to-go.

   This charming establishment takes pride in serving not one, but two mouthwatering varieties of sticky rice: the classic moon sticky rice and the vibrant butterfly pea sticky rice. Indulge in these delectable treats for the price of 50 baht. As an added bonus, Mana Sticky Rice also offers syrupy potatoes, syrupy bananas, sticky rice with custard, and, if you’re lucky enough to be in town during durian season, the highly sought-after durian sticky rice.

Location: Opposite Yupparat School
Opening hours: 10:00 – 17:00
Facebook: Mana Sticky Rice Shop

Aunty Lod's Mango Sticky Rice

   For an evening treat like no other, Aunt Lod’s Mango Sticky Rice is the perfect choice. This delightful seller of mangoes with sticky rice knows exactly how to satisfy your palate. Find her stand across from the 7-Eleven intersection, open from 19:30 to 23:00, or until her delectable stock runs out. Please note that Aunt Lod only sells during mango season, so make sure to visit during this time of the year to indulge in her mouthwatering creations. With prices ranging from 35 to 45 THB, Aunt Lod offers a sweet and affordable experience.

Location: Kad Luang at night (Warorot Market) next to the road, opposite the 7-Eleven intersection.
Opening hours: 19:30 – 00:00 (or while supplies last)
Tel: 094-727-9363
Facebook: Aunt Lod Mango Sticky Rice : Warorot Market – Kad Luang at night

Kamphaeng Din Mango Sticky Rice

   In the charming Kampangdin area of Chiang Mai, you’ll find Kamphaeng Din Mango Sticky Rice, a renowned establishment that prides itself on using only the finest Nam Dok Mai mangoes. Known for their exceptional taste and quality, these mangoes add an unrivaled richness to each dish. With rice that is expertly balanced in sweetness, Kamphaeng Din Mango Sticky Rice promises an indulgent experience.

   If you’re short on time, you can also order through various food applications in Chiang Mai, ensuring you don’t miss out on this delectable treat. Prices here range from 50 baht for mango sticky rice, 25 baht for custard sticky rice, and 70 baht for the coveted durian sticky rice.

Location: Kamphaeng Din Road, Haiya.Opposite Kiatchai District. 
Opening hours: 15:00 – 23:00
Facebook: Mango Sticky Rice Kamphaeng Din

Aunty Khaek Mango Sticky Rice - In old Town

   For a delightful taste of tradition, visit Aunty Khaek Mango Sticky Rice. This humble stall has been serving its patrons for 18 years, offering a unique street-side experience. Located on the way to the train station, Aunty Khaek Mango Sticky Rice can be found on Charoen Muang Road, near Chinthasanee Intersection. Open exclusively in the evening, this stall presents an array of dishes including sticky rice with custard and sticky rice with dried fish.

Location: Charoen Muang Rd, near Chinthasanee Intersection, near 7/11.
Opening hours: 18:00 – 22:00
Facebook: Aunt Khaek Mango Sticky Rice - HALAL

Maladee Rendezvous Hotel

   Experience the epitome of luxury at the recently launched Maladee Rendez-Vous Hotel, a hidden gem nestled within a stone's throw of the Night Bazaar. This enchanting boutique hotel promises to transport you into a world of elegance and comfort.

   While the allure of the hotel is undeniable, it is the culinary delights at the renowned Rosemary Bistrot that truly steal the show. Open to both hotel guests and visitors, this remarkable restaurant is famed for its delectable array of Thai and international cuisines along with cakes and desserts. Among the many delicious dishes, one dessert in particular stands out—the Mango Sticky Rice. This extraordinary sweet treat is carefully crafted and served daily, indoors or outdoors, by the hotel's serene pool. As you take a delightful bite of this traditional Thai delicacy, you will be transported to a world of tropical splendor. To elevate your experience even further, pair your Mango Sticky Rice with one of the house's extraordinary cocktails. Prepare to be utterly mesmerized as the flavors mingle on your palate, creating a symphony of pure bliss.

Location: 150/1 Charoen Prathet Road, Changklang. 
Opening hours: 11:00 – 22:00
Facebook: Maladee Rendezvous Hotel Chiang Mai

Makka Health & Spa

   Come experience the culinary delight of a free Mango Sticky Rice at Makka Spa. This beautiful spa compliments every customer with this delectable dessert after each spa treatment..Their sticky rice is infused in butterfly pea flower water, resulting in a natural blue color.

   Indulge in this true taste of heaven after a rejuvenating spa treatment for a truly blissful experience.

4 locations in Chiang Mai: 3 in old town and 1 in Night Bazaar.
Reservation: 098-239 9088  
Opening hours: 10:00 – 22:00

Miss Mango

   Discover the hidden gem of Santhitham in Chiang Mai, where a delightful little stand awaits to tantalize your taste buds. Enter Miss Mango - a renowned purveyor of heavenly Sticky Rice with Mango, all at unbelievably affordable prices (around 40 THB). But wait, there's more! Indulge in their unique twist of serving mango with a delectable sweet-salty sauce that will transport your senses to new heights. Miss Mango also offers delivery services through GRAB, ensuring you can savor this mouthwatering treat from the comfort of your own hotel room or wherever your adventure takes you.

Location: Santhitham area.
Opening hours: 15:00 – 23:00
Tel: 094-616 6662
Facebook: น้องมะม่วง-Miss Mango

   Embark on a culinary journey through Chiang Mai’s vibrant street food scene and discover the magical world of mango sticky rice. With these four exceptional destinations, you’ll savor the finest flavors and experience  the rich heritage of this beloved dessert.

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